Precision Signal chain designs – trade off decisions for best noise performance

One of the greatest challenges in designing a precision data acquisition measurment signal chain is managing the noise balance between several stages of the signal chain. This webcast will look at how much gain is needed, can the gain stage drive the Analog to Digital converter directly and will digital filtering help? This webinar covers the challenges and trade offs in establishing the optimum signal conditioning solution starting from sensor to the Analog to Digital converter input.

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  • Докладчик
  • Rares Bodnar

    Design Engineer

Rares Bodnar is mixed signal IC designer working in the Newbury, UK design centre since 2012. His work covers wired and wireless power management, precision signal conditioning, DACs and ADCs. In the last years his work has focused on precision high-speed SAR ADCs. Rares has completed his MSc and PhD  from University of Southampton, UK where his is also activating as part-time lecturer since 2016.