Energy Storage Systems Boost Electric Vehicles’ Fast Charger Infrastructure

In this webcast we will discuss the integration process of intermittent renewable energy sources with intermittent high power loads generated by the charging of electric vehicle fleets. We will see how energy storage systems play a key role for the grid stability, storing the energy produced from renewables and boosting the EV charging by providing the extra power required by fast high voltage DC chargers. On top of that, we will show how ESS is becoming a key to success for enhancing the smart grid and enabling the transition to the digitised grid. We also review how ADI products and system level solutions simplify the customer journey from a concept project to a successfull product.

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  • Докладчик
  • Stefano Gallinaro

    Strategic Marketing Manager, Automation Energy Group

Stefano Gallinaro joined Analog Devices’ Renewable Energy Business Unit in 2016. He manages strategic marketing activities related to solar energy, electric vehicle charging, and energy storage, with a special focus on power conversion. Based in Munich, his business responsibilities span worldwide. Stefano studied electronics engineering at the Politecnico di Torino, Italy (BS) and began his career as an applications engineer at STMicroelectronics s.r.l.—Dora S.p.A., in Aosta, Italy. Before joining ADI, Stefano also worked as a product marketing manager at Vincotech GmbH in Unterhaching, Germany.

Holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineerign from Hochschule Kempten, Germany. Joined ADI in 2018 as a Central Applications Engineer with focus on power managemenet. Works now as a System Applications Engineer as part of the Green Energy BU.