Changing Safety Standards Environment for Digital Isolators

The IEC is developing a new international safety standard for digital isolation components. Systems designers have had to rely on applying specific system standards to these fast and precise isolation components. It has resulted in contradictory isolation metrics that leave the system designer wondering if he has covered all of his bases. We will discuss current and upcoming component level standards support and how they can remove uncertainty.

Mark Cantrell is a staff applications engineer for the iCoupler® Digital Isolator Group at Analog Devices, and he is a member of the IEC60079-11 maintenance team. His area of expertise is iCoupler digital isolation products, including isoPower® isolated power supply devices and communications bus devices such as I2C and USB isolators. He is also responsible for agency safety certifications for all iCoupler digital isolator products. Mark received his M.S. in physics from Indiana University.