Agile SDR Transceivers, KHz to 40MHz BW with Advanced System Features

Introduction to a universally reprogrammable SDR transceiver family, integrating a number of highly programmable advance system level features such as DPD, Fast Frequency Hopping, Automatic gain control, programable filters, dynamic power savings, autonomous monitor mode, RSSI, multi-chip sync. Radio calibration features such as LO leakage and QEC that enable and advance level of performance, integration, form factor and power savings not commonly associated or available within radio transceiver IC.

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Oisín is a recent graduate from the University of Limerick, and has since joined the Multi-Market Platform Transceiver group in the Limerick base. Having focused largely on RADAR applications and Signal Processing throughout his education, it was a natural migration into the Transceiver group after his graduation.

Ruairí is based in Analog’s Limerick, Ireland facility. He has a background in automotive radar and phased array transceivers and currently works with the Communications Division, focusing specifically on products from the Multi Market Platform Group.