Combo Circuits from the Lab

It’s a new beginning for Analog Devices and Linear Technology. Together we become the high-performance analog industry leader, with an innovation engine fueled by the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of analog and mixed signal products and solutions.

Wireless Current Sense Combo

A wireless current sense circuit overcomes many of the limitations of traditional current sense applications. By allowing the entire circuit to float with the common mode of the sense resistor, and transmitting the measured data wirelessly over the air, there are no voltage limitations at all.

Gleanergy Energy Harvesting Combo

The Gleanergy kit is a development platform which demonstrates a wireless sensor mesh network built from sensor nodes which use energy harvesting to charge or extend the life of their batteries.

Amplifiers for Pipeline ADCs Combo

Combination of ADC and amplifier provides excellent linearity while keeping power consumption low.

High Precision Voltage Source Combo

A programmable voltage source which achieves 1PPM resolution with 1PPM INL and better than 1PPM FSR long-term drift.