LTpowerCAD и LTpowerPlanner

Средство разработки LTpowerCAD® – это полноценная программа для проектирования источников питания, которая может значительно облегчить задачи по разработке источников питания с использованием многих продуктов управления питанием от компании Analog Devices Inc. В составе программы LTpowerCAD также имеется инструмент LTpowerPlanner® для проектирования и оптимизации «дерева питания» на уровне системы.

Загрузить LTpowerCAD

Ключевые особенности

  • Part search according to user’s supply specification
  • Guide the user to design and optimize circuit components
  • Provide efficiency, feedback loop, and transient performances
  • Provide a detailed summary of the design
  • Export design to LTspice® for further simulations
  • System-level power tree designs and optimizations using LTpowerPlanner

LTpowerCAD enables designers to find and design power solutions in five simple steps. Optimization of the power solution can quickly and simply be accomplished in this interactive environment. A detailed summary of the design will be provided by the tool.


The LTpowerPlanner tool within LTpowerCAD enables designers to create, compare, and optimize system-level power trees.

An LTpowerCAD design can be exported to LTspice for further time domain simulations.


A Design Tool for Switching Regulators

Switching power supply design can often be a challenging and time-consuming experience. Typically, this requires knowledge of aspects such as control loop compensation, IC operation and capabilities, filtering, and even power loss mechanisms related to DC/DC switching regulators. This video guides the user through the entire design process to reduce design effort and speed up design time.