ADI Automotive Sensor and Sensor Interface Solution



Automobiles must become increasingly green to meet emerging regulations for improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. These requirements can only be fulfilled by improving the efficiency of the traditional internal combustion engine, achieved through improvements in combustion sensing and control, which leads to the need for higher sensor and signal conditioning accuracy and integration. ADI provides the solution including pressure, current, capacitance, position, speed and temperature sensors to meet these challenges.

ADI offers:
  • Complete functions for all kinds of sensor applications
  • Wide dynamic range, high precision and wide working temperature sensor system


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System Block Diagram



Evaluation Boards
  • AD8555ARZ-EVAL
  • EVAL- ADA4557
  • EVAL-AD5933EBZ
  • EVAL-AD2S1205SDZ
  • EVAL-AD2S1210EDZ
  • EVAL-ADA4571
  • EVAL-AD8417
  • EVAL-AD8418A

Circuits from the Lab®
  • CN-0116: High Voltage High Precision Current Sensing with Output Level Shifting Using the AD8210 Current Sense Amplifier and the AD8274 Difference Amplifier
  • CN-0217: High Accuracy Impedance Measurements Using 12-Bit Impedance Converters
  • CN-0218: 500 V Common-Mode Voltage Current Monitor
  • CN-0368: Magnetoresistive Angle and Linear Position Measurements

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