Особенности и преимущества

The Industrial Wired Condition based Monitoring (CbM) Kit enables users to:

  • Rapidly deploy a wired solution to a machine or test setup
  • Evaluate ADI MEMS sensor technology for vibration monitoring.
  • Suitable for use as a flexible SPI to RS-485 extender for many MEMs Sensors
  • Evaluate ADI interface and iCoupler® technology for industrial wired sensing

Подробнее о продукте

The Pioneer 1 - Wired Condition Based Monitoring (CbM) Evaluation Platform provides an industrial wired link solution for the ADcmXL3021 Triaxial Vibration Sensor. This platform provides a complete plug and play solution for operating the ADcmXL3021 on an RS-485 network over meters of cable in harsh industrial environments. The system solution combines hardware, firmware (ADcmXL3021 embedded), and PC software to enable rapid deployment and evaluation of a triaxial vibration monitoring solution. The hardware solution is also suitable for use as a flexible SPI to RS-485 extender for many devices in the Analog Devices MEMs portfolio.

Solution Overview

The Condition Based Monitoring hardware signal chain consists of a triaxial ADcmXL3021 accelerometer with a hirose flex PCB connector.  The ADcmXL3021 hi-rose connector with SPI and interrupt outputs are attached to interface PCBs, which translate SPI to an RS-485 physical layer over meters of cabling to a remote Master controller board. The SPI to RS-485 physical layer translation can be achieved using isolated or non-isolated interface PCBs, which include iCoupler® isolation (ADuM5401/ADuM110N0) and RS-485/422 transceivers (ADM4168E/ADM3066E).  This solution combines power and data over 1 standard cable, which reduces cable and connector costs at remote MEMs Sensor nodes. Dedicated software GUI enables simple configuration of the ADcmXL3021 device, and vibration data capture over long cables. GUI software enables data visualization as raw time domain or FFT waveforms.

There are two evaluation kits. The following is supplied as part of the EV-CbM-Pioneer1-1Z demo kit:

  • Master Interface Controller board DEMO-CbM-Master-Z.
  • Low complexity non-isolated Slave Sensor interface board DEMO-CbM-Slave3-Z.
  • Low complexity isolated Slave Sensor interface board DEMO-CbM-Slave2-Z.
  • 2m RJ50 cable (194612-02) and 10m RJ50 cable (194612-10)
  • AC/DC Power Supply - EU/UK/US/AU

The following is supplied as part of the EV-CbM-Pioneer1-2Z demo kit:

  • All of the EV-CbM-Pioneer1-1Z demo kit contents
  • ADcmXL3021BMLZ 14-lead Module .
  • Cypress SuperSpeed Explorer kit (CYUSB3KIT-003) and USB 3.0 cable.


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