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The EVAL-ADuM4135EBZ supports the ADuM4135 which is a single channel gate driver specifically optimized for driving IGBTs.  The  Analog Devices, Inc. iCoupler® technology provides isolation between the input signal and the output gate drive.

The ADuM4135 provides a miller clamp in order to provide robust IGBT turn-off  with a single rail supply once the gate voltage drops below 2 V. Operation with unipolar or bipolar secondary supplies is possible, with or without the miller clamp operation. The Analog Devices chip-scale transformers also provide isolated communication of control information between the high voltage and low voltage domains of the chip. Information on the status of the chip may be read back from dedicated outputs. Control of resetting the part after a fault on the secondary is performed on  the primary side of the device.

Integrated onto the ADuM4135 is a desaturation detection circuit that provides protection against high voltage short circuit IGBT operation.  The desaturation protection contains noise reducing features such as a 300 ns masking time after switching event to mask voltage spikes due to initial turn-on. An internal 500 µA current source allows for low part count, but the internal blanking switch allows for the addition of an external current source in case more noise immunity is desired


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