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The ADRF6518-EVALZ is a full featured evaluation board designed to allow the user to easily evaluate all features of the ADRF6518. The evaluation board provides a USB interface for easy filter  programming, input and output SMA connections with single ended setups for both channels (due to the use of baluns). There is an optional configuration for fully differential, AC or DC coupled signaling for the input and output signal paths if user desires. Easy access to the three analog gain pins and input and output common-mode control pins are done though a 5×2 header. Measuring the peak detector is easily achieved via a 2×1 header. Enabling the ADRF6518 is done with a jumper and header combination. All headers are labeled appropriately. Access to the +3.3 V/360 mA single supply is achieved with clip leads to the VPS and COM test points; it has a range from +3.15 V to +3.45 V. Easy split supply operation is achieved with the removal of one 0 Ω resistor and the use of the VPI test point. Nominal VPI voltage range is between +3.3 V and +5 V. This configuration is useful if the user wants to test a +5 V supply ADI IQ Demodulator with the ADRF6518-EVALZ in a DC coupled fashion. The ADRF6518-EVALZ board is a 4 layer FR4 board. Setting the filter's cutoff frequency, filter bypass mode, maximum digital gain settings, power mode, and the output offset correction loop enable are all achieved via the SPI port which can be programmed via the ADRF6518 USB software provided on the ADI webpage.

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