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The ADP2441 evaluation board is a complete, dc-to-dc switch-ing regulator design based on the ADP2441, a configurable, 1 A, synchronous step-down, dc-to-dc regulator.

The ADP2441 is a synchronous, step-down dc-to-dc switching regulator that uses a current mode pulse-width modulation (PWM) control scheme at medium-to-heavy load currents for high efficiency and smoothly transitions to a pulse skip mode at light loads to conserve power. The power switch and synchronous rectifier are integrated for minimal external part count and high efficiency. The ADP2441 is optimized for operation with small ferrite core inductors and ceramic capacitors to deliver the maximum output power per square millimeter of the PCB board area.

The ADP2441-EVALZ is available with 5 V at 1 A output, switching frequency set to 500 kHz. If needed, the ADP2441 evaluation board configuration can be modified by changing the values of the appropriate passive components.

Complete specifications for the ADP2441 device can be found in the ADP2441 data sheet, which is available from Analog Devices, Inc., and should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.


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