Особенности и преимущества

  • Full functional support evaluation kit for the ADM1260
  • I2C interface supports all device related software
  • Interchip bus simplifies multidevice cascading and sequencing operation
  • 10 adjustable voltages reference for input emulation
  • Switch controlled, open-drain / push-pull digital inputs
  • Extra headers for easy probing
  • Includes point to point patch cables for easy wiring

Подробнее о продукте

The EVAL-ADM1260CSZ is a compact, full-feature evaluation board for the ADM1260 that comes in the EVAL-ADM1260EBZ evaluation kit.

Ten programmable driver outputs, Pins PDO1 to PDO10 (PDOx), and five dual-function inputs, Pins VX1 to VX5 (VXx), along with five selectable input attenuators that allow supervision of supplies, Pins VP1 to VP4 (VPx), and Pin VH give users flexibility and allows a wide range of application setups.

Ten LEDs give users direct visual indication on variations in the input board status. There is one LED to indicate the board power supply status.

The switches on the board allow the user to change the device address easily.

The evaluation kit supports I2C communication, allowing users to communicate with the ADM1260 devices. The evaluation kit also supports cascade setup so multiple evaluation boards can connect and share the same I2C bus.

The EVAL-ADM1260CSZ is fully compatible with the ADI Power Studio software, to download this software, go to the ADM1260 product page.

Users need a USB-SDP-CABLEZ dongle to use the evaluation software tools. Only one dongle is required in a multiboard cascade setup. One device socket is included in each kit. The ADM1260 data sheet provides additional information and must be consulted when using the evaluation board.

Применяемые компоненты

Содержимое комплекта

  • EVAL-ADM1260CSZ evaluation board and sample silicons
  • ADM1260 device socket
  • 8-way, 100 mm micro match ribbon cable
  • Patch cables


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