Особенности и преимущества

  • User friendly access to all ADIN1100 features
  • (GUI) software on PC or standalone hardware configured operation
  • Flexible power supplies and prototyping options
  • On-board ARM Cortex-M ADuCM4050 microcontroller
  • 10BASE-T1L to 10BASE-T media converter

Подробнее о продукте

The EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ is a flexible platform enabling quick evaluation of the ADIN1100 robust, low power 10BASE-T1L PHY. The EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ provides 10 Mbps single pair Ethernet (SPE) connections with devices across 1.7 km of cable.

The evaluation board offers two modes of operation for maximum flexibility. Connected to a PC via USB port, the full set of ADIN1100 register settings and features such as link quality monitoring and diagnostics can be accessed with the ADIN1100 GUI software.

Alternatively, the EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ board can operate in stand-alone mode where it is configured by setting hardware configuration links and switches. On-board LEDs provide status indication.

The ADIN1100 data (MII, RMII, and RGMII) and management (MDIO) interfaces are accessible on header connectors for easy connection to an external host controller.

A small prototyping area and test points are provided for experimentation with alternative cable connection topologies including isolation transformers and/or power coupling inductors.

The platform can perform as a 10BASE-T1L to 10BASE-T media converter. This feature enables connection to other devices (demonstration boards or custom prototypes) with a 10BASE-T1L Ether-net port and conversion of the data to standard Ethernet, which is accessible via the RJ45 connector.

Full details about the ADIN1100 are available in the ADIN1100 data sheet, which must be consulted when using the EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ.

Области применения и технологии

Применяемые компоненты

Содержимое комплекта

  • EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ board
  • 2x plug-in screw-terminal connectors for 10BASE-T1L cable and external power supply
  • Category 5e Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors (1 meter)
  • USB-A to Micro USB-B cable (1 meter)

Начало работы


  • Link partner with 10BASE-T1L interface
  • 10BASE-T1L compatible single pair cable (1.5mm2 maximum, 16 American wire gauge (AWG) to fit screw terminal connector)
  • Power supply source: 5 V dc to 32 V dc, 0.6 W, or USB as power for the board.
  • Optional: Link partner with standard RJ45 Ethernet interface, auto-negotiation resolving to 10BASE-T full duplex
  • Optional: PC running Windows® 7 (or later version) with USB interface


  • ADIN1100 Graphical User Interface software package
  • Future Technology Devices International Limited (FTDI) USB Virtual Com Port driver for selected host.
  • Serial port terminal software


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