Особенности и преимущества

  • Low Cost, ADF7242 single chip 2.4GHz RF Transceiver IC
  • Frequency range (global ISM band): 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz
  • PMOD Compatible Expansion Ports with SPI Interface
  • IEEE 802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver
  • Transmission Range: Up to 100m at 250 kbps, Output Power = +3 dBm
  • Low Power Consumption: 19 mA at Rx Mode, 21.5 mA at Tx Mode, 1.8 mA at Idle Mode
  • Supports Antenna and Polarization Diversity
  • Onboard Chip Antennas
  • Small Form Factor: 2.35” x 0.8”

Подробнее о продукте

The low cost and small profile EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ is a 2.4 GHz, 802.15.4 wireless transceiver board that supports RF to FPGA or processor applications system that utilize PMOD-compatible expansion ports configurable for SPI communication (packet mode). For applications that require data streaming, a synchronous bidirectional serial port (SPORT) interface is also available. The wireless transceiver PMOD board can be configured to operate on the 2400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz ISM band. The board uses a single ADF7242 transceiver.

The EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ board uses two mini 2.4 GHz chip antennas, an impedance-matched filter, and a balun for minimum RF front-end parts count. The board supports antenna diversity (polarization diversity) and uses two chip antennas mounted orthogonally, which greatly improves performance under multipath fading conditions.

Начало работы

The EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ evaluation board is designed to interface with an FPGA or microcontroller using a 12-pin PMOD interface (P1). The pin configuration for an SPI interface is shown below:

 Connector P1 – SPI Communications
 Pin Number
Signal   Description
 1  CS  Chip Select
 2  SDI Serial data in 
 3  SDO Serial Data Out 
 Serial Clock
 5  GND
Power Supply Ground 
 6  VCC
Power Supply (3.3V) 
 7 IRQ1  Interrupt Request Output 1 
 8  NC
Not Connected 
 9  IRQ2
 Interrupt Request Output 2
 10  NC Not Connected 
 11  GND
 Power Supply Ground
 12  VCC Power Supply (3.3V) 

Connector P2 provides an alternate serial port interface (SPORT) as shown below:

Connector P2 – SPORT Communications 
 Pin Number
Signal   Description
IRQ2/TRFS  Interrupt Request Output 2 
DT  Data Transmit 
 3  DR Data Receive 
 4  CLK Sport Clock 
 5 GND  Power Supply Ground 
 6  VCC
 Power Supply (3.3V)

The EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ operates with a 1.8 V to 3.6 V supply voltage, with typical operation at 3.3 V. This voltage is to be provided in the 12-pin PMOD interface connector, pin 6 and pin 12.

The following photo shows the connectors and the position of the parts on the board.

EVAL-ADF7242-PMDZ Diagram


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