Особенности и преимущества

  • Self-contained board for generating RF frequencies
  • Flexibility for reference input, PFD frequency, and loop bandwidth
  • Accompanying software allows complete control of synthesizer functions from a PC
  • USB/battery-operated 9 V supplies
  • Typical phase noise performance of −141 dBc/Hz at 3 MHz offset
  • Typical spurious performance of −65 dBc at 200 kHz offset (1.2 GHz output)

Подробнее о продукте

The ADF4360-6EBZ1 evaluation board is designed to allow the user to evaluate the performance of the ADF4360-6 frequency synthesizer consisting of an integrated PLL and VCO. It contains the ADF4360-6BCPZ, a USB connector, and SMA connectors for the RF outputs. Unpopulated SMA footprints are available for the power supplies, the chip enable (CE), and the external reference input. The evaluation board also contains the loop filter to complete the PLL. It can be modified as necessary for the PLL requirements of the user. A USB cable is included with the board to allow software programmability from a PC. 


The package also contains a CD with Windows® software to allow quick, user-friendly programming of the synthesizer. The CD contains additional PLL data sheets, technical notes, articles, and ADIsimPLL™ V3.4 (Analog Devices, Inc., PLL simulation software). More information is available at www.analog.com/pll.


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