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The ADF4153A evaluation board is designed to allow the user to evaluate the performance of the ADF4153A frequency synthesizer for phase-locked loops (PLLs). The board contains the ADF4153A synthesizer, an edge mounted SMA connector for the RF output signal, power supply connectors, a temperature compensated reference oscillator (TCXO) of 25 MHz frequency, and an SDP connector. There is also a loop filter (50 kHz) and a VCO (Mini-Circuits ROS-1800+) on board.

This evaluation board requires an SDP Controller Board for connection to the PC. The SDP Controller Board connects to the PC via USB 2.0. The evaluation board will connect to the SDP controller board. The evaluation board cannot be connected directly to the PC. The evaluation software running on the PC will communicate through the SDP Controller Board to the evaluation board. The SDP Controller Board is a separate list item in the ordering guide below (EVAL-SDP-CS1Z). If you have not previously purchased an SDP Controller Board, please do so to ensure a full evaluation setup.

Применяемые компоненты

Системные требования

  • ADF4153A Evaluation Board (EV-ADF4153ASD1Z)
  • SDP Controller Board

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