Особенности и преимущества

  • Complete hardware and software required to evaluate ADA4355 micro-module
  • Only four connections required
    • 12V power, 5V power, USB, fiber under test
  • All system control and measurement options provided via intuitive, user-friendly GUI

Подробнее о продукте

The ADA4355 is a complete, high performance, current input µModule®. For space savings, the ADA4355 includes all required active and passive components to comprise a complete current-to-bits data acquisition channel supporting small form-factor optical modules as well as multi-channel systems.

The high-speed TIA of the device supports 10 ns pulse widths, allowing high spatial resolution for time-of-flight measurements. Additionally, the ADA4355 includes three TIA gain (TZ) settings to maximize dynamic range. An internal, selectable, analog low-pass filter (LPF) can limit the device bandwidth with a corner frequency of 100 MHz to minimize broadband noise while also serving as an anti-aliasing filter for the 125 MSPS ADC. For lower bandwidth signals or wider signal pulses (e.g. 20μs or larger), the filter can be set to a corner frequency of 1.0 MHz to provide additional noise reduction.

The 14-bit ADC converts the amplified voltage signal at a rate of up to 125 MSPS and outputs the digitized signals through two serial, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) data lanes, operating at rates of up to 1 Gbps per lane. The data clock output (DCO) operates at frequencies of up to 500 MHz and supports double data rate (DDR) operation.

The ADA4355 exhibits fast overdrive recovery from a large input current signal and is available in a 12 mm × 6mm CSP_BGA package with a −40°C to +85°C operating temperature range.


  • Current-to-voltage Conversion
  • Chemical analyzers
  • Mass spectroscopy
  • Time of Flight (ToF)
  • Fiber optic sensing


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