Особенности и преимущества

  • One AD6654 fully configured on the evaluation board.
  • All necessary operating voltages are derived from on-board regulators. Single 6Vdc wall transformer included.
  • Direct access to AD6654 parallel output data via on-board interface header.
  • EVB can be configured into existing radio architectures for in-system evaluations.
  • Includes a high-speed 64K FIFO (user upgradeable to 256K) capture buffer for the AD6654 filtered output data.
  • Interfaces to PC via a standard USB cable.

Подробнее о продукте

The AD6654 Evaluation Kit provides a quick, turnkey solution for evaluating the many features and processing capabilities offered by the AD6654 Wideband IF to Baseband Receiver. The evaluation kit includes the assembled AD6654 PCB along with software for hardware control and filter design. The SoftCell Filter Design software can be used to design and evaluate various receiver filter configurations prior to hardware programming. The SoftCell Filter Design configurations can later be programmed directly into the AD6654 Receiver installed on the Evaluation Board (EVB). The EVB Control software features a user-friendly interface to the AD6654 EVB hardware to facilitate efficient control and data analysis for various receiver filter configurations.

Install File includes

  • AD6654 Evaluation Board software
  • Documentation for using AD6654 Evaluation Board software
  • AD6654 datasheet
  • AD6654 evaluation board schematics
  • Sample setup and filter files
  • AD6654 IBIS model
  • Runs on a personal computer using Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • Filter design files created with the SoftCell Filter Design software can be programmed directly into the AD6654 device.
  • NCO frequency can be swept manually to observe the actual frequency characteristics of the designed filter.
  • Supports full featured scripting language to perform read/write and other functions on AD6654 directly.
  • Can perform up to 64K real/complex FFT using the FIFO supplied on the Evaluation Board. The EVB Control software can support 256K FFT if the user installs a deeper pin-compatible FIFO.
  • Full data logging features.
  • Setup save feature for quick return to previously saved setup
  • Self-test to verify communication with Evaluation Board hardware

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