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Demonstration circuit 3230A features the LTM4652, a high efficiency, bidirectional dual-phase μModule® regulator configured as a single 32A, –5V output. The input voltage range is from 4.5V to 13V. For this inverting output demo board, the maximum VIN + |VOUT| should not exceed 18V. Derating is necessary for certain VIN, VOUT, frequency and thermal conditions.

This demo board can be configured to source or sink output load current. Hardware test setup diagrams for both conditions are described in later sections. This demo board is optimized using a default frequency of 780kHz under the 9VIN and –5VOUT condition. The current mode architecture used in LTM4652 is peak current mode control.

The part operates in continuous current mode by default but can be placed in pulse-skipping mode to optimize efficiency at light loads.

LTM4652 is available in a thermally enhanced 144-lead (16mm × 16mm × 4.92mm) BGA package. Temperature sensing options are included via onboard circuit. The module package features an exposed metal top, electrically unconnected for heatsinking capability.

Note that the inverting configuration of LTM4652 has a different maximum current limit compared to the noninverting configuration. The LTM4652 data sheet gives a complete description of the operation and application information. It is recommended to read the data sheet and demo manual of LTM4652 prior to use or making any hardware changes to DC3230A.

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