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Demonstration kit 3160A-KIT is an Ethernet Alliance Gen 2 PoE certified, 24-port IEEE 802.3at/bt-compliant power sourcing equipment (PSE) composed of a DC3159A daughter card (48-channels) and DC3017A motherboard (24, 4-pair ports). The DC3160A-KIT features the LTC9101-1/LTC9102/LTC9103 PSE platform chipset.

In the DC3160A-KIT, a single LTC9101-1 digital controller interfaces with up to four analog controllers. The DC3159A-A daughter card has four LTC9102, 12-channel, analog controllers for 48 power channels total. The DC3159A-B daughter card has two LTC9102, 12-channel, analog controllers and two LTC9103, 8-channel, analog controllers for 40 power channels total. Up to twenty four IEEE 802.3af, IEEE 802.3at, or IEEE 802.3bt powered devices (PDs) can be connected to the DC3160A-KIT and powered from this system using a single power supply.

The LTC9101-1, LTC9102, and LTC9103 use a proprietary isolated data interface allowing the LTC9101-1 to directly connect to the host controller I2C interface and eliminates the need for costly opto-couplers and an additional 3.3V supply. The DC3160A-KIT can operate completely autonomously without a host controller or with a DC590 for I2C interfacing.

Robust surge protection is provided by design and onboard surge protection devices. Indicator LEDs show channel status for up to 48 power channels. An optional on-board buck regulator provides 3.3V from the VEE supply for the digital circuity. This demonstration manual provides an auto mode quick start procedure and DC3160A-KIT overview.

Design files for this circuit board are available.

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