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Demonstration circuit 2937A features the LT8357 as a 360kHz low IQ, high power boost converter with a 48V output from 10V to 40V input. This demonstration circuit features spread spectrum frequency modulation (SSFM) and split gate driver pins for the high power, high voltage switch. The converter can output 2A and higher (see Figure 3 in the demo manual). When placed in shutdown, the converter has very low quiescent current, ideal in automotive and other battery-powered applications. Low quiescent current can be achieved with both pulse-skipping and Burst Mode® operation as jumper selections on this demonstration circuit.

The LT8357 boost controller IC operates over an input range of 3V to 60V, suitable for automotive, telecom and industrial applications. It also exhibits a low quiescent current of 8μA, making it ideal for battery-operated systems. It drives a low side N-channel power MOSFET with a 5V split gate drive. The controller provides adjustable and synchronizable operation from 100kHz to 2MHz. At light load, either pulse-skipping or low-ripple Burst Mode operation can be selected to improve the efficiency. It also packs many popular features such as soft-start, input undervoltage lockout, adjustable frequency and clock synchronization. PGOOD indicates when the output voltage is in regulation.

The LT8357 comes in a thermally enhanced 12-lead plastic MSE package. The LT8357 data sheet gives a complete description of the part, pins, features, operation and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the demo manual for DC2937A.

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