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Demonstration circuit 2898A is a dual DC/DC converter with a 13V to 40V input voltage range, two 12V outputs at 4A each featuring the LTM4655. The LTM4655 is a EN55022B compliant 40V, dual 4A or single 8A step-down or 50W inverting DC/DC μModule® regulator.

The switching frequencies of both channels are set at 1.2MHz on DC2898A. If the output voltage collapses sufficiently due to an overload or short-circuit condition, the internal oscillator will foldback to one-fifth of the LTM4655’s programmed switching frequency, protecting the power switch from damage.

Key features of this board include:

  • SSFM Jumper for Spread Spectrum Options
  • CLKIN Inputs for External Sync
  • PGOOD Signals for Each Output

The two channels can be paralleled for higher output current. See the data sheet for more information on setting up the board for paralleling the two outputs.

The LTM4655 data sheet gives a complete description of the device, its operation and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the demo manual prior to working on or modifying DC2898A.

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