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Demonstration circuit 2866A features the LTC4421 Dual Supply High Power Prioritized Powerpath Controller in a 12V/24V, 10A application. The LTC4421 incorporates strong gate drivers to switch large external N-channel MOSFETs and fast switchover circuitry to minimize VOUT droop while preventing reverse and cross conduction currents, making it an ideal solution for high reliability systems, battery back up systems, and servers. DC2866A arbitrates between two input supply rails, selecting the highest priority, valid supply to power the load. By definition, the supply connected to V1 is the higher priority supply, although it can be changed dynamically. External resistive dividers set the undervoltage and overvoltage thresholds that bound the valid voltage window. External sense resistors set the limit on maximum current that can flow to the load. Two or more DC2866As can be cascaded to provide switchover between more than two rails.

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