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Demonstration circuit 2814A-A is a high voltage, high efficiency synchronous buck-boost DC/DC converter with an input voltage range of 8V to 80V. After the part has started, the input voltage can run down to 3.5V. It can supply a 3A maximum load current with an output range of 8V to 16V. The demo board features the LT8210EUJ controller. The constant frequency current mode architecture allows a phase-lockable frequency of up to 400kHz, while an optional input or output current feedback loop provides support for applications such as battery charging. With a wide input range, wide output range, and seamless transfers between operation modes, the LT8210 is ideal for industrial, automotive, medical, military, and avionics applications. 

The converter has four modes of operation: burst, pulse skip, forced continuous mode, or pass-thru. Pass-thru is a feature that passes the input directly to the output when the input voltage is within a user programmable window. Switching losses drop to zero and efficiency is maximized. For input voltage above or below the pass-thru window, the buck or boost regulation loops maintain the output at the set maximum or minimum values, respectively. Reverse input protection is also implemented on this demo board. 

The available versions of the DC2814A are:

DC2814A-A: 8V to 40VIN, 80VIN Surge (60s), Operates Down to 3.5VIN after Start-Up, VOUT = 8V to 16V at 3A

DC2814A-B: 9V to 36VIN, 80VIN Surge (60s), VOUT = 24V to 36V at 2.5A

DC2814A-C: 26V to 80VIN, VOUT = 36V to 56V at 2A

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