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Demonstration circuit 2810A features the LTM4673: the wide input and output voltage range, high efficiency and power density, quad output DC/DC step-down μModule® regulator with Digital Interface for control and monitoring. The DC2810A default input voltage range is 4.5V to 15V. However, if VIN is lower than 4.5V, minor modification to certain existing onboard components is required. Please refer to Step 8: Operation at VIN ≤ 4.5V in Quick Start Procedure section. The factory default output voltages are VOUT0 = 1V, VOUT3 = 0.9V at 12A per channel; VOUT1 = 1.2V, VOUT2 = 1.8V at 5A per channel. The DC2810A output voltages can be adjusted from 0.6V up to 3.3V for channel 0 and channel 3 and from 0.6V to 5.5V for channel 1 and channel 2. The default switching frequencies are 600kHz for channel 0 and channel 3 and 1MHz for channel 1 and channel 2. Forced airflow and heatsink might also be used to further optimize the output power when all output rails are on and fully loaded. Programming the output voltages to values greater than 1.8V, may require derating output current based on thermal derating curves provided in the data sheet of the LTM4673. The DC2810A comes with PMBus interface and digital power system management functions. An onboard 12-pin connector is available for users to connect the dongle DC1613A to the DC2810A and provides an easy way to communicate and program the part using LTpowerPlay® software development tool. LTpowerPlay software and I2C/PMBus/SMBus Dongle DC1613A allows users to monitor real time telemetry of input and output voltages, input and output current, internal IC die temperatures, and fault logs.

The LTM4673 is available in a thermally enhanced, low profile, 361-Lead (16mm × 16mm × 4.72mm) BGA package. It is recommended to read the data sheet and demo manual of LTM4673 prior to use or making any hardware changes to DC2810A.

LTpowerPlay software can be downloaded here. The USB to PMBus Controller Dongle DC1613A for use with LTpowerPlay is available here.

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