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Demonstration circuit 2787A is a high efficiency, 4 phase, hybrid converter. It can deliver 12V/100A with the input voltage from 40V to 60V. The demo board features the LTC7821, which uses an architecture that merges a soft-switching switched-capacitor topology with a traditional step-down converter to provide superior efficiency compared to the traditional switching architectures. It offers a high efficiency/high density and cost effective solution for nonisolated intermediate bus applications in power distribution, datacom and telecom as well as emerging 48V automotive systems. 

External MOSFETs switch at a 400kHz fixed frequency for this demo board and can be programmed from 200kHz to 1.5MHz. The LTC7821’s powerful 1Ω N-channel MOSFET gate drivers maximize efficiency and can drive multiple MOSFETs in parallel for higher power applications. Due to its current mode control architecture, multiple LTC7821 devices can be operated in a parallel, multiphase configuration with excellent current sharing and low output voltage ripple to enable much higher power applications. Other benefits include low EMI emissions due to a soft-switched front end and reduced MOSFET stress.

The LTC7821 design eliminates the inrush current typically associated with switched capacitor circuits by prebalancing the capacitors on start-up. The LTC7821 also monitors system voltage, current and temperature for faults, and uses a sense resistor for overcurrent protection. It stops switching and pulls the FAULT pin low when a fault condition occurs. An onboard timer can be set for appropriate restart/retry times. Additional features include ±1% output voltage accuracy over temperature, a clock output for multiphase operation, a power good output signal, short-circuit protection, monotonic output voltage start-up, optional external reference, undervoltage lockout and internal charge balance circuitry. The LTC7821 data sheet must be used in conjunction with this demo board manual.

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