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Demonstration circuit 2736A is a single output high voltage nonisolated synchronous step-down converter that drives all GaN transistor power stage. It features the LTC7800, a low quiescent current high frequency (programmable fixed frequency from 320kHz up to 2.25MHz) synchronous step-down DC/DC controller housed in a small 3mm × 4mm QFN package.

This DC2736A operates over an input voltage range from 30V to 55V, while the LTC7800 can operate up to 60V. This demo board produces a 12V output voltage with up to 20A output current, and is configured with a sense resistor for current sensing. A mode selector allows the DC2736A to operate in forced continuous operation, pulse-skipping or Burst Mode® operation during light loads.

The LTC7800 features two integrated 5V gate drivers with 20ns dead time which is good for GaN transistors or logiclevel MOSFETs to maximize efficiency. The EXTVCC pin permits the LTC7800 to be powered from the output of the switching regulator or other available source, reducing power dissipation and improving efficiency. Please refer to the LTC7800 data sheet for a complete description of the part operation and application information.

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