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The DC2713A circuit board enables evaluation of the LTC4381, low quiescent current surge stopper with 9mΩ MOSFET, in 12V to 48V applications. The LTC4381 clamps the output voltage, permitting the load to operate safely through 100V transients and load dump surges such as ISO 16750-2 Test A. Current limiting protects the input supply from output overload and short-circuits. In the presence of a sustained input overvoltage or output overload, the LTC4381 shuts off after a delay to protect the internal power MOSFET.

DC2713A is available in four assembly options, from DC2713A-A to DC2713A-D. DC2713A-A/DC2713A-B employ a jumper to set the output clamp voltage to either 28.5V or 47V, to suit 12V or 24V/28V systems. DC2713A-C/DC2713A-D clamp the output to 66.5V for 48V applications. DC2713A-A/DC2713A-C latch off after a fault, whereas DC2713A-B/DC2713A-D automatically restart after a cool down delay.

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