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Demonstration circuit 2595A is a high voltage, dual output step-down synchronous buck converter featuring the LTC3889EUKG, a 60V dual-phase current mode controller. The LTC3889 has the PMBus interface and the power system management functions.

The DC2595A uses discrete MOSFET as the power stage. The input range of this board is from 36V to 54V, and the default outputs are 12V/20A (VOUT0) and 24V/20A (VOUT1). DC2595A also has an on-board dynamic load circuit, which makes it easy for the customer to evaluate the transient performances.

Please be aware that the DC2595A default connects VOUT0 (12V) to the LTC3889 EXTVCC pin through R168. As a result, the DRVCC can be adjusted to 6.3V, 7.4V or 9V by setting DRVSET to 0, 1 or 2 in LTpowerPlay®. If you want to adjust VOUT0 to a voltage higher than 12V, R168 must be removed first to avoid damaging the IC.

The DC2595A powers up to default settings and produces power based on configuration resistors or NVM without the need for any serial bus communication. This allows easy evaluation of the DC/DC converter aspects of the LTC3889. To fully explore the extensive power system management features of the parts, download the GUI software LTpowerPlay onto your PC and use LTC’s I2C/SMBus/PMBus Dongle DC1613A to connect to the board. LTpowerPlay allows the user to reconfigure the part on-the-fly and store the configuration in EEPROM, view telemetry of voltage, current, temperature and fault status.

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