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Demonstration circuit 2350B features the LTC6813-1, 18-channel battery-stack monitor. Multiple boards can be linked through a 2-wire isolated serial interface (isoSPI) to monitor a long series of cells in a stack. The DC2350B demo board also features reversible isoSPI enabling a redundant communication path. The PCB, components, and DuraClik connectors are optimized for low EMI susceptibility and emissions.

The DC2350B can communicate to a PC by connecting a DC2792B dual master isoSPI together with DC2026C Linduino® One. The DC2026 must be loaded with the appropriate program (called a sketch) to control the battery-stack monitor IC and receive data through a USB serial port. The DC2026 provides a standard SPI interface which can be translated to isoSPI and then connected to a DC2350B isoSPI port (J4 or J5 connector). The DC2792B companion board provides two SPI-isoSPI channels for reversible operation.


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