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The LTC2380-24 and LTC2368-24 are low power, low noise, high speed, 24-bit SAR ADCs with an integrated digital averaging filter that operates from a single 2.5V supply. The demo manual refers to the LTC2380-24 but applies to both parts, the only difference being that the LTC2380-24 has fully differential inputs and the LTC2368-24 has pseudo-differential inputs. The LTC2380-24 has –117dB THD, consumes only 28mW and achieves ±4ppm INL max with no missing codes at 24 bits. The DC2289A demonstrates the DC and AC performance of the LTC2380-24 in conjunction with the DC590 or DC2026 QuikEval and DC890 PScope data collection boards. Use the DC590 or DC2026 to demonstrate DC performance such as peak-to-peak noise and DC linearity. Use the DC890 if precise sampling rates are required or to demonstrate AC performance such as SNR, THD, SINAD and SFDR. The Demonstration Circuit 2289A is intended to show recommended grounding, component placement and selection, routing and bypassing for this ADC.

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