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Demonstration circuit 2086A is an accessory board to the DC1613A, DC2026A and DC590B that allows for a higher current 3.4V or 5V output rail and the ability to adapt different input cables to output cables. Extra power is supplied to the downstream device from the DC2086A when it is plugged into an external supply. This can be done via any one of the three input methods: (a) 2.1mm DC input jack, (b) 2-positon screw-terminal block, and (c) USB 3.0 Micro-B connector. The DC590B and DC2026A USB dongles both use a 14-pin ribbon cable for power and communication to a connected system board, whereas the DC1613A USB dongle uses a 12-pin ribbon cable for the same purpose. The DC2086A can take either of these 12- pin or 14-pin ribbon cable inputs and adapt to the 12-pin, 14-pin, or newer and smaller 4-pin or 3-pin connectors. This means you are able to use the same USB dongle to power and talk to any of your demo boards even when it does not have the mating connector for the dongle. The DC2086A also allows your PSM devices on your hardware to be powered via the dongle as well as the ability to keep the "brains" of the PSM device alive independent of the power supply rails on the board, which is extremely useful in any debugging situation.


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