Особенности и преимущества

  • Remote sensing for each output, where the divider is placed before a high input impedance differential amplifier. 
  • CLKIN and CLKOUT pins. 
  • Optional resistors to tie the two outputs together. 
  • Connector and header to tie two or more boards together for up to 12-phase operation. 
  • Optional footprint for an LTC4449 gate driver and discrete MOSFETs. 
  • Optional footprint for a dual phase Delta power block.

Подробнее о продукте

Demonstration circuit 1822B is a dual output synchronous buck converter featuring the LTC3861EUHE. The board provides two outputs of 1.5V/25A and 1.2V/25A from an input voltage of 7V to 14V at a switching frequency of 500kHz. The power stage consists of a 6mm × 6mm DrMOS and a 13mm × 13mm iron powder type inductor. An on-board 5V LT3470 buck regulator provides the 5V bias for the LTC3861 and the DrMOS.

The demo board uses a high density, two sided drop-in layout. The power components, excluding the bulk output and input capacitors, fit within a 1.5" × 1.2" area on the top layer. The control circuit fits in a 1.1" × 1.0" area on the bottom layer. The package style for the LTC3861EUHE is a 36-lead 5mm × 6mm QFN.

Применяемые компоненты



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