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Demonstration circuit 1193 is a triple output regulator consisting of three constant-frequency step-down converters integrated into LTC3545/-1. DC1193 has an input voltage range of 2.25V to 5.5V, with regulators capable of delivering 800mA of load current on each output. The three regulators operate independently with individual RUN pins and enter pulse skipping mode at low loads for reducing output ripple. In shutdown, the DC1193 draws less than 1uA total. The DC1193 is a very efficient circuit with efficiency reading above 90%. The LTC3545 comes in a 16-pin QFN package, which has an exposed pad on the bottomside of the IC for better thermal performance. High operating frequency of 2.25MHz allows exclusive use of the small size, low profile surface mount components. These features plus internal compensation circuits, make the DC1193 demo board an ideal circuit for use in battery-powered, hand-held applications. DC1193A-A is a demoboard for LTC3545 and DC1193A-B is a demoboard for LCT3545-1.

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