Подробнее о продукте

This demonstration circuit is an N-channel half-bridge for general purpose applications. The half-bridge can be driven with TTL/CMOS level signals into an LT®1336, which drives the N-channel MOSFETs. A self-contained highside driver regulator allows PWM operation to 100% duty cycle without discontinuities. By adding a controller IC and some other components in the space provided for prototyping, this demo board can be turned into a complete system solution. The half-bridge consists of four power MOSFETs, two paralleled topside MOSFETs and two paralleled bottom side MOSFETs.

Применяемые компоненты

Начало работы

Demonstration board 102 is easily set up for evaluation of the LT1336 IC. Please follow the procedure below for error-free operation.

  • Connect the positive lead of a low power supply to VIN (E3) and the negative lead to GND (E7). The voltage range of this supply must be between 10V – 15V.
  • Connect the positive lead of a high power supply to HV (E1) and the negative lead to GND (E7). The recommended maximum operating voltage is 50V. The capacitors, the MOSFETs and the IC are rated at 60V absolute maximum.
  • Connect the driving signals into INTOP (E5) and INBOTTOM (E6). Taking INTOP high and INBOTTOM low turns the top MOSFETs on and the bottom MOSFETs off. Taking INTOP low and INBOTTOM high reverses these states. When both inputs are either high or low, all the MOSFETs are off. These inputs are TTL/CMOS compatible and can withstand input voltages as high as VIN.
  • Connect the load between OUT (E2) and GND (E7).



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