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Evaluation circuit EVAL-LT3960-AZ features the LT3960, an I2C to CAN-Physical transceiver in a 10-lead plastic MSOP package. EVAL-LT3960-AZ consists of two ICs configured in the master and slave mode using selectable jumpers, JP1 and JP3. The board is designed to be easily snapped apart at the center, separating two circuitries.

The LT3960 I2C to CAN-Physical transceiver is used to send and receive I2C data through harsh or noisy environments at up to 400kb/s using the CAN-Physical layer for differential signaling over twisted pair connections. The SDA and SCL data lines are converted to differential signals and are shared between devices connected to the bus. This allows for the physical separation of the I2C source and I2C receiver.

The first LT3960 is connected to the I2C master (I2C-compatible microcontroller). The second LT3960 should be connected to the first LT3960 by two twisted pairs. It regenerates the I2C bus locally for one or more I2C slave devices. The LT3960 devices transmit the clock signal in only one direction, from master to slave. Bidirectional communication of the data signal is always permitted.

The LT3960 data sheet gives a complete description of the parts, their operation, and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the user guide for the evaluation circuit EVAL-LT3960-AZ. The LT3960EMSE is assembled in a 10-lead MSOP package.

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LT3960 Evaluation Software
Evaluation software for the LT3960 I2C to CAN-Physical Transceiver.


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