Особенности и преимущества

  • Full-featured evaluation board for the ADRF6620
  • On-board USB for SPI control
  • Single +5 V operation
  • C# software interface for serial port control

Подробнее о продукте

ADRF6620-EVALZ is a full featured evaluation board allowing all the necessary support circuitry to operate the ADRF6620 in its various configurations. The evaluation board includes an on-board USB  to allow for register programming via the SPI port of the ADRF6620. In addition the ADRF6620-EVALZ offers flexibility on how the signals are routed on and off the device to allow for quick evaluation of the individual building blocks. For example, the IF amplifier can be disabled and the signal flow from the RF inputs to mixer outputs can be evaluated independently . Optionally, the IF amplifier can be isolated on its own where the user has access to both the inputs and outputs either differentially or single ended. Finally, for the synthesizer evaluation the ADRF6620-EVALZ integrates a footprint for an optional crystal oscillator for the PLL reference input and the necessary SMA connectors and balun for the single-ended or differential LO outputs. The ADRF6620-EVALZ is a 6 layer, FR-4 based evaluation board, requiring only a single 5V supply. The required software that complements the evaluation board can be found on the ADI webpage.

Области применения и технологии

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