Особенности и преимущества

  • Includes full application circuit, both of the Reference loop and the Heater loop
  • Includes top and bottom covers for the ADR1000
  • Includes top and bottom covers for the VPG Foil resistors
  • Panel mounted banana plugs have standard 0.75" centers
  • Standard 0.75" banana centers mate directly to HP3458 or to standard dual cables
  • Includes Copper Telurride female banana jacks for low thermals
  • RoHS compliant

Подробнее о продукте

The ADR1000H-EBZ allows the evaluation of the ADR1000AHZ, ultra-stable 6.6V Shunt Voltage Reference in 8-Pin TO-99 package.

The DUT is centered in a fan shaped cutout of the PCB, designed to weaken mechanical coupling from the PCB to the DUT (effective for temperature and humidity, but not flexure). There are also thermal "baffles" (slots) in the PCB to keep heat from coupling from the heater transistor to the control circuit, and between the DUT and the resistors. The heater temperature is set by the standard 13k:1k divider as with the old LTZ1000. However, the ADR1000 runs about 5 degrees warmer (75C) than the LTZ1000 (70C), due to the slightly lower voltage of the ADR1000 applied to the divider.

Применяемые компоненты

Начало работы


  • Benchtop Lab Supply capable of 12V to 18V (15V nominal)
  • Several Digit DMM (such as HP3458 or Keithley 2001)
  • Two banana plug cables, or one dual cable
  • One additional cable for meters with Guard, or use Pomona 1167-18


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