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The ADP2300/ADP2301 are compact, constant-frequency, current-mode, step-down dc-to-dc regulators with an integrated power MOSFET. The ADP2300/ADP2301 evaluation boards are complete solutions that allow the user to evaluate the performance of the regulators. There are two frequency options available: the ADP2300 runs at 700 kHz, and the ADP2301 runs at 1.4 MHz. These options allow the user to make design decisions based on the trade-off between efficiency and the size of the total solution.

The ADP2300/ADP2301 provide accurate (±2%) output regulation for load currents up to 1.2 A. Current-mode control provides fast and stable line and load transient performance. The precision, EN pin, threshold voltage allows the ADP2300/ADP2301 to be sequenced from other input/output supplies. The EN pin can also be used as a programmable UVLO input by using a resistive divider.


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