Особенности и преимущества

  • Supply voltages
    Dual supply: ±5 V to ±22 V
    Single supply: 8 V to 44 V
  • Protected against overvoltage on source pins
    Signal voltages up to −55 V and +55 V
  • Parallel interface compatible with 3 V logic
  • On-board LDO regulatorfor digital supply and control, if required

Подробнее о продукте

The EVAL-ADG5208FEBZ, is the evaluation board for the ADG5208F, which features an overvoltage protected 8:1 Multiplexer. The ADG5208F has overvoltage detection and protection circuitry on the source pins and is protected against signals up to −55 V and +55 V in both the powered and unpowered states.

The ADG5208F is soldered to the center of the evaluation board, and wire screw terminals are provided to connect to each of the source and drain pins. Three screw terminals are used to power the device, with a fourth terminal used to provide a user defined digital logic supply voltage, if required. Alternatively, a low dropout (LDO) regulator is provided for 5 V digital logic supply.

Full specifications on the ADG5208F are available in the product data sheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.


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