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The ADAU7118 is a converter that takes in a Pulse Density Modulation signal from a MEMS (Micro Electromechanical System) microphone and converts it into an I2S (Inter IC Serial bus) signal or a time domain multiplexed (TDM) serial communication bus. The EVAL-ADAU7118Z can be set to operate in hardware mode or configured to control the ADAU7118 via I2C communication interface. An I2S serial interface is accessible via header pins spaced at 0.1 inches. Pulse density modulation (PDM) data and the clock interface are available on these headers. The evaluation board can be connected to an external 5 V dc power supply and ground or can be powered from the USB interface. On-board regulators derive supplies of 3.3 V, 1.8 V, and 1.2 V. The evaluation board can be configured to operate fully from external power supplies bypassing the on-board regulators. Current measurements of the ADAU7118 are made with the supplied header pins.

The ADAU7118 can be controlled through an I2C interface. A small, external interface board, EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ, (USBi) connects to a PC USB port and provides I2C access to the evaluation board through a ribbon cable. The USBi is not required to control the evaluation board from a user supplied I2C master controller. The EVAL-ADUS2EBZ is supplied with the EVAL-ADAU7118Z evaluation board and does not require a seperate purchase.

The Automated Register Window Builder graphical user interface (GUI) simplifies programming the device in a Windows® PC environment. The SigmaStudio GUI can also be used to control the ADAU7118. The evaluation board allows demonstration and performance testing of the features of the ADAU7118.

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