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The EVAL-ADAU1966Z and the EVAL-ADAU1962Z evaluation boards allow the user to evaluate the ADAU1962, 12 channel Digital to analog converter (DAC) or the ADAU1966, 16 channel DAC. The evaluation board will supply bit clock, LR clock and master clock and will except either 6 or 8 dual channel I2S data streams or multiple TDM (Time Division Multiplexed) data streams. The board has an S/PDIF receiver with RCA and optical connectors, as well as a discrete serial audio interface. Analog outputs are accessible via two db-25 connectors and channels 1 and 2 can be routed to an on-board headphone driver with the output on a stereo TRS Mini jack.

The EVAL-ADAU196x can be controlled through either an I2C or SPI interface. A small external interface board EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ, also called USBi, connects to a PC USB port and provides either I2C or SPI access to the evaluation board through a ribbon cable. The USBi is included with the evaluation board. A graphical user interface (GUI) program, the Automated Register Window Builder, is provided for easy programming of the chip in a Microsoft® Windows® PC environment. The evaluation board allows demonstration and performance testing of most ADAU196x features, including high performance DAC operation.


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