Особенности и преимущества

  • Full-featured evaluation board for the AD8174
  • ±5 V operation

Подробнее о продукте

The AD8174 is a high speed buffered multiplexer that offers an internal current feedback output amplifier whose gain is programmed via external resistors and is capable of delivering 50 mA of output current. The AD8174 offers −3 dB signal bandwidth of 250 MHz and a slew rate greater than 1000 V/μs. The AD8174 has excellent video specifications with low differential gain of 0.02%, low differential phase error of 0.05°, and 0.1 dB flatness out to 85 MHz. With a low −78 dB at 5 MHz of crosstalk and better than −88 dB at 5 MHz isolation, the AD8174 is useful in many high speed applications. It is also a low power device consuming only 9.7 mA from a ±5 V supply.

The AD8174 offers a high speed disable feature that allows the user to put the output into a high impedance state for cascading stages so that the off channels do not load the output bus. In addition, the AD8174 can be shut down when not in use to minimize power consumption (IS = 1.5 mA). The AD8174 is available in 14-lead PDIP and 14-lead SOIC packages.

Full details about the device are available in the AD8174 data sheet, which should be consulted when using the AD8174-EB.

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