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Demonstration circuit 3214A features the LT8618C, a high efficiency 65V, 100mA synchronous step-down regulator in 12-Lead 2mm . 2mm LQFN package. The demo board is designed for 100mA at 5V output from a 5.9V to 65V input, with the switching frequency programmed at 2MHz.

The LT8618C is a compact high efficiency, and high frequency synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator, with internal soft-start capacitor, compensation network, BST and INTVCC capacitors.

The operation mode can be configured via the SYNC/MODE pin for forced continuous mode, Burst Mode® operation, or spread spectrum mode. The low quiescent current and high efficiency in Burst Mode make it an ideal solution for applications requiring highest efficiency at light load conditions, such as automotive housekeeping supplies, industrial sensors, flow meters, Internet of Things, and battery powered portable instruments.

The demo board DC3214A has an EMI filter installed. The EMI performance of the board running in spread spectrum mode is shown in Figure 2 in the demo manual, where the red lines are CISPR25 Class 5 average limits. The circuit passes the average limit with a wide margin.

The LT8618/LT8618C data sheet gives a complete description of the part, operation, and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with the DC3214A demo manual. Contact ADI applications engineer for technical support.



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