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Demonstration circuit 2910A is low VIN, high efficiency, and dual 2A output µModule DC/DC converter. The board operates by default at a fixed 2MHz and can be synchronized from 1MHz to 3MHz via the MODE/SYNC pin. With its high switching frequency and current mode architecture, a fast transient response to line and load changes is possible without sacrificing stability. The DC2910A can be used in forced continuous mode or pulse skip mode for low noise, or in burst mode operation for high efficiency at light loads. The demo board features the LTM4691, which is available in a low profile 3mm x 4mm x 1.2mm LGA package. Please see the LTM4691 datasheet for more detailed information.

It is recommended to read the data sheet for the LTM4691 prior to making any changes to the DC2910A.

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