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Demonstration circuit 2840A features the LT8365 in a Boost inverting configuration. It operates with a switching frequency of 400kHz and is designed to convert a 9V to 30V source to −250V, with 10mA output current.

The demo board contains an optional third charge pump stage for applications requiring higher output voltages. If needed, remove R14 and install optional components. Output voltage sensing connections remain the same.

The LT8365 can be used for different topologies with input voltages up to 60V. However, component selection in this demo circuit restrict the input voltage to 30V.

The demo board contains a selectable jumper, JP1, to aid in the selection of the desired Sync pin mode of operation. The default setting is Burst Mode® operation.

This layout is optimized for good EMI performance and small solution size. Input and output filters are necessary for CISPR 25 Class 5 emissions. Radiated emissions plots are included in this manual.

The data sheet gives a complete description of the device, operation and application information. The data sheet must be read in conjunction with this demo manual.

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