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Demonstration circuit 2807A features the LTC6560 single channel transimpedance amplifier (TIA) with output multiplexing. The DC2807A accepts voltage pulses and converts them to current for the TIA. The LTC6560, which features 74kΩ transimpedance gain and 30µA linear input current range, is ideal for LIDAR receivers using avalanche photodiodes (APD). The LTC6560 operates from 5V single supply and consumes only 90mW. Utilizing the LTC6560’s output MUX, multiple LTC6560 devices can combine into a single output. The LTC6560’s fast overload recovery makes it well suited for LIDAR receivers. The LTC6560’s single-ended output can swing 2VP-P into a 100Ω load.

The LTC6560 is packaged in a compact 3mm × 3mm 16-pin leadless QFN package with an exposed pad for thermal management and low inductance.



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