Industrial Connectivity Technology

Access Data and Capture New Insights with Plant-Wide Connectivity

Industrial connectivity technology gives central control rooms access to the vast volume of data being created across factory floors, enabling remote factory management, centralized production planning, and real-time diagnostics. The first step toward a digital enterprise is connecting previously unconnected field devices or assets. Both in the plant and in the field, modern industrial environments are utilizing edge-to-cloud connected devices to capture new data streams, increase manufacturing flexibility, and improve output quality.

Modern industrial building and communications network

Engineering an intelligent, connected automation environment where all equipment seamlessly collects and shares information is central to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) vision. The challenge becomes interconnecting all the devices across the enterprise and enabling both real-time and nonreal-time traffic to coexist. This requires low latency, deterministic, low power, robust industrial connectivity technology to unlock the intelligent edge.

Understanding the choices available and identifying the best technology is essential to future-proofing the network architecture. ADI leverages longtime industrial domain expertise to present optimal solutions and technologies for today’s industrial connectivity challenges. Accelerate the development of seamlessly connected automation equipment and industrial sensors with trusted solutions from ADI.

Wired Connectivity Solutions

Offering superior performance, robustness, and reach, learn how ADI’s wired connectivity solutions leverage the latest wired serial and Ethernet technologies.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Learn more about ADI’s range of wireless communications technology that enables connectivity to sensors in remote and hard-to-access hazardous locations without the need to deploy a wired network.

ADI Is a Trusted Partner for Industrial Connectivity Technologies that Drive Factories of the Future



  • Ultra low power solutions
  • Leading-edge security
  • Darwin family of microcontrollers

Icon of 5G millimeter waves


  • Best-in-class 5G radio technology
  • Full signal chain capabilities
  • Ultrareliable low latency and low power

Icon of 60 GHz waves emitting from an antenna

60 GHz

  • Latency free wireless data link
  • Delivers true wireline-like performance
  • Protocol agnostic


Wireless SmartMesh

  • Highly robust and reliable
  • Ultra low power
  • Scalable solutions

Icon of amplifier symbols in a circuit with timing diagrams

Multipoint LVDS

  • Low power and ultrasmall footprint
  • High temperature range
  • Enhanced ESD protection

Icon of ethernet connector interface

Industrial Ethernet

  • Lowest latency, lowest power Ethernet
  • Complete communication platforms
  • Scalable solutions

Icon of IO-Link logo

IO-Link® and Digital IO

  • Simplified installation
  • Automated parameter setting
  • Enhanced diagnostics

Icon of RS-485 connector interface

Isolated RS-485

  • 25 Mbps throughput
  • Reinforced isolation
  • Fully integrated with power

 Icon of USB logo

Isolated USB

  • Enhanced robustness
  • Compact ease of use USB port isolators
  • Auto speed detection features

Robust, Secure Connectivity for Long-Term Reliability

The connected factory contains a large volume of nodes to connect, and each node is responsible for transmitting critical control traffic commands. Therefore, a highly robust industrial connectivity solution is needed to create a network you can count on. Choosing solutions that can withstand harsh environments, such as extreme temperatures or high electromagnetic interference, can minimize the chances of data loss or system downtime.

Connectivity and automation provide a backbone for the factory of the future, delivering many advantages to improve efficiency and reliability—but industrial connectivity technology also introduces some new challenges. When devices become interconnected over a network, security becomes an inevitable concern. Industrial enterprises must manage the accessibility of data and devices on their own networks. ADI, as a pioneer in edge device security, is a trusted ally in ensuring secure boot, updates, and device authentication.

Cyber Security: Securing the Edge

To protect the integrity of vital data, ADI’s cyber security defenses begin at the device level, where the data is born. By rooting identity in hardware, in tandem with cryptography, our security solutions enable a chain of trust from the edge to the cloud.

Explore our cybersecurity solutions

Power station protected by cybersecurity from edge node to cloud

Key Industrial Connectivity Trends Enabling New Insights for Production Efficiency

More Data, More Bandwidth

The connected enterprise requires all devices deployed across the factory floor to be connected to a central control system and onto the enterprise cloud. Timely access to the data and the delivery of that data throughout the automation system hinge on the ability of the connectivity network to handle the increased data volume.

IP Addressability

As production lines are becoming more adaptable by using Ethernet to connect the end node devices at the field level, the IT and OT have successfully been converged onto a seamless Ethernet network, enabling IP addressability for real-time configurability of any end node device from anywhere in the world.

IT and OT Convergence

The goal of the modern industrial enterprise to enable seamless connectivity not just between the IT and high level OT networks, but also right down through the various layers of the factory’s OT network to the end node sensor.

Seamless Connectivity Fuels Industrial Innovation

To further understand the impact of new connectivity trends on digital transformation, ADI commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of industrial connectivity, including efforts to deliver more timely data, insights, and decision making.

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Learn About ADI’s Latest Connectivity Solutions

To help accelerate your journey to IIoT and Industry 4.0, ADI offers a selection of wired and wireless industrial connectivity technologies.

60 GHz Wireless Data Interconnect for Slip Ring Applications

This technical article proposes an integrated and a discrete data interface solution utilizing millimeter wave electromagnetic waves to transfer data between a rotor and a stator.

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