Video RAM-DACs Offer True-color Screen Images

ADV715x Series features triple 10-bit resolution, with speeds up to 220 MHz

Combining three 10-bit video digital-to-analog converters and the associated color-palette RAM in a single package, the ADV7150 series of RAM-DACs is industry's first monolithic solition that provides true color and gamma correction. These software-compatible ICs–capable of displaying 16.8 million colors at one time, from a palette of over 1 billion colors, offer 24-bit true-color performance with 30-bit gamma-corrected operation. Read full article

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Bill Slattery

Bill Slattery has marketing responsibility for products of the Digital Video Group at ADI’s Limerick facility, including video DACs, RAMDACs, and video encoders & decoders. Earlier, he worked as a Senior Engineer in the Applications Group in Limerick. Bill has a BSc (Eng) degree from the University of Dublin (Trinity College) and an MBA from the University of Limerick. A licensed private pilot, he enjoys flying his airplane.