Flash Converters Work Better with Track/Holds

There Is Less Distortion of High-Frequency Signals Conversion; Is Performed with Better Linearity and Few (If Any) Missed Codes

High-speed analog-to-digital "flash" converters (ADCs) are coming into widespread use. Although they provide the promise of "instantaneuos" conversion, and their latching systems would appear to make track-holds unnecessary, it has long been our opinion that they would perform closer to their full dynamic potential when used with fast track-holds. Read full article

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Jim Surber

Jim Surber

Jim Surber has worked in production test, applications engineering, product line marketing, and most recently, marketing communications. He is the editor of Analog Dialogue. He enjoys writing and has published several technical articles in various magazines down through the years. Residing in Greensboro, North Carolina, Jim enjoys spending time with his family on frequent outings in the mountains of Virginia.